My Feet Are Itchy: Lisboa

(I’m writing this on the plane back to London from Lisbon)

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

When: 14-16/11/2014

This trip was very much an impulse buy originally. I’ve never been to Portugal before (one of the last few countries in Western Europe I haven’t been to actually), so when Itchy Feet, the travelling society here at LSE, sent an email saying they were going to Lisbon, I immediately signed up and paid the deposit, before I was even sure I would be able to go. Luckily for me, I ended up having no conflicts, and so got to spend a weekend in this amazing place.

We left late on Friday night, and finally arrived at the hostel around 22.30. After quickly dropping off our bags we headed to ‘bar row’, and chose the bar that offered 18 shots for 6 Euros (!). This was both a great and terrible decision; my memory after this point gets quite hazy. After many round of shots and beer, I ended up getting separated from the group, and then things started going downhill. I managed to lose my gloves, jacket, and 50 Euros, and took 2 taxis in an hour long journey to travel the 200 metres back to our hostel. So, not the best way to start the trip.

Luckily Saturday gave me an excellent opportunity to sober up while we did a 4 hour walking tour of Lisbon, which is an absolutely beautiful place. I especially loved the pastel colour and tile patterns of the houses. Our tour guide gave us some good information about the city, and after the tour we wandered around as a group, taking pictures and doing touristy things. I particularly loved one stall which gave you cherry liqueur shots out of edible chocolate shot glasses. For dinner, I had an entire octopus, which tasted strangely great. To give my liver a break, I chose to only have one beer Saturday night. Sunday was some more sightseeing in Bel Am before heading back to the airport to go back to London, and my actual life as a student.

The weekend was very much worth it though (despite the terribleness of Friday night). Portugal was scenic and friendly, and had a wonderfully laid back atmosphere. It was also nice to meet new people through Itchy Feet, and I will definitely look forward to travelling with them again somewhere else, though probably not until Lent Term.


One thought on “My Feet Are Itchy: Lisboa

  1. Glad you are having a great student experience. Enjoy. It will be real world time before you know it. Lots of changes happening here.

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