Where: Brussels, Belgium

When: 28-29/12/2014

I’ve always loved winter.

Yes it’s cold. And the ice is annoying because I slip on it. And nothing is ever open. And it’s cold. And your glasses get foggy. And the sun sets at like noon. And it’s cold. So cold.

But to me winter is the most beautiful season. A light frosting of snow, a grey cloudy sky with hints of sunshine, a building covered in winter lights, a swirly cloud of breath as you exhale; I love it all.

I particularly love wearing a million layers in winter to stay warm. I feel nice and cosy on the inside, but bits of me are still exposed, so I get just enough cold air to create a nice balance. Belgium makes me feel like this too; the winding streets and crowds of people here make me feel at home, but there is enough space so I don’t feel suffocated.

No place is better to spend winter than Europe. Everything just feels right in the winter. Pittsburgh winters are harsh (although they have their own charm). European winters are just so nice for some reason, and Belgium’s particularly so.

Brussels is not generally a place people think of visiting on vacation. But I’m glad I’ve started my winter break here. It gives off an air of calm and friendliness that is sometimes missing in larger cities. There may not be as much ‘to do’ here, but that gives me more time to wander around and relax. Though there are fewer buildings, they are every bit as nice as what you’ll find elsewhere in Europe, and wonderfully lit up in the winter.

Oh, and the waffles are pretty good here, too.


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