Copenhagen: More Than Just One Street

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

When: 04-07/01/2015

Copenhagen is the most relaxed capital city ever.

All other’s I’ve been to, from D.C. to London to Beijing, all have a sort of frantic energy about them. People walk fast, talk loud, and feel tense. But Copenhagen has none of that feeling; I’ve never felt so at ease in such a large city.

I think a lot of it has to do with Scandinavian culture, with their emphasis on egalitarianism. There is a reason Denmark is ranked as the happiest country on earth. When you know you have the support of your whole nation behind you, the cutthroat instinct is lacking in some regards, and people calm down.

I think a lot of it also has to do with how beautiful the city is too. From the old, colourful houses, to the many churches and parks, and especially the newest ultra-modern buildings, Copenhagen is a very well designed city. I’m not an expert at architecture, but I can seriously appreciate how much time and effort went into making sure everything looked good.

After a full weeks of non-stop travel, it was nice to come to a city that allowed me to unwind.

On a final note: I don’t know what Americans are putting in their pastries, but a Danish from Denmark is much more delicious that a Danish from the USA.


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