Capitol Life

Where: Washington, D.C.

When: 12/06-21/08/2015

How long do you have to spend in a city until you’ve ‘lived’ there?

My time in Pittsburgh counts. So does, I feel, my time in London, even though it was only nine months. But I’m hesitant to say I’ve lived in D.C. For a reason I can’t quite figure out.

I was here for almost ten weeks, quite a long time. (Almost) all of my belongings was here. I had to change my shipping address in Amazon, and told Google Maps new home and work addresses. And I worked here! Is there some criteria I’m missing? Who knows. I think it may just be up to each individual to determine their own checklist for living in a city.

D.C. was interesting. I feel I didn’t really get enough time to experience all it had to offer. Some of that is because I was exhausted from work most of the time. More of that is down to not knowing many people here that I could routinely go out with (although shout out to Kalli and her friends for making me feel included).

While I’ve always wanted to spend time here, I can’t say I fell in love with D.C. as much as I thought I would. The buildings are nice and the people are friendly and the weather can be beautiful, but I just loved the feel of London so much more for a reason I can’t explain. I think I’ll still looks for jobs here after I graduate though – it would definitely be a nice place to be. I also got to see how nice the countryside was after going to visit my great aunt’s farm for a night, and I’d like to explore their vineyards more.

I’m glad I came and worked here for the summer. It was a great opportunity and I got a lot out of both the job and living in D.C. Now, back to Pittsburgh for one (hopefully) final year of school, and then off into the real world.

P.S. After seeing it in action, I will say I completely understand all the hype about the grid system, especially compared to London’s literal labyrinth of streets. However it was a bit unnerving at first to be able to see kilometres down each street – really helps you see the scale of the city.


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