Arabian Suburbia

Where: Dammam, Saudi Arabia, and Manama, Bahrain

When: 21-27/12/2015

Home is something you can only feel in your heart.

I’ve lived in both Chicago and Pittsburgh for 3 years, but without a doubt Chicago feels like my home – despite young enough to have almost no memories of my time there.

Similarly, Dammam feels like home, despite never having lived here. It’s strange, but the small compound my parents live on in Saudi Arabia brings up feelings of nostalgia for Oman. They’re only surface level – Dahran is much smaller than Muscat, with a distinct militaristic feel. It’s almost like living in a bubble. But the feeling exists all the same.

I don’t think I could ever live in Dammam though. It was nice to visit my parents here for the holidays, but I don’t even think I’d ever come back. It’s just not my style.

Bahrain was a bit more interesting, but only a bit. It has some nice hotels and malls, but I get the feeling there isn’t much to ‘do’ there besides relax and shop. While it was nice to see (and get another stamp in my passport), like Luxembourg or Qatar, I don’t feel the need to go back ever.


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