Green, Purple, and Gold

Where: New Orleans, Louisiana

When: 05-06/02/2016

It is impossible to understand Mardi Gras without having been there.

Even having just gotten back, I still find it ridiculous that such an event occurs annually. It is absolute madness. New Orleans is just completely overrun by revellers in this time.

I didn’t even know what Mardi Gras was “for” until I got here (it is basically one last massive party before everyone starts Lent). But it is a crazy orgy of excess, with alcohol (of which I drank too much), food (of which I ate too much), and beads (by which I got hit in the face too much). And then there are the floats – how do you even make one of those? And there are hundreds! Parades for hours every day, just float after float, each more opulent than the last. New life goal: ride a float one year.

Speaking of the food – absolutely delicious. I love their café scene (although it is much too crowded during Mardi Gras, as  you can imagine), and I ate some of the freshest snow crab legs I have ever tasted for dinner at some random restaurant outside the city limits. I definitely need to come back at some point during the low season just for more food.

But now at least I can check Mardi Gras off the list of festivals I want to go to. Next up? Maybe Day of the Dead? Maybe Carneval? Guess we’ll see!


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