Not Your Average Spa Day

Where: Seoul and Daecheon, South Korea

When: 15-18/07/2016

Seoul was not my main reason for coming to South Korea.

Despite that, I still really enjoyed the day and a half I was able to spend in the city. It took a lot of the parts I liked best about Japan and improved on the bits I didn’t like as much – mainly, the people just seemed much more relaxed and friendly. I would have definitely liked another two or three days to absorb the culture.

However, the main motivation for coming to South Korea was something called the Boryeoung Mud Festival. It looked absolutely nuts – just a bunch of people having a blast in mud pits and mud themed activities at a beach a few hours outside of the city. But honestly the festival was a bit of a letdown – it was smaller than they had hyped it to be, and waaaaaay too crowded for how few rides they had. If I had been staying in a hotel nearby already, or liked beaches (which was a fair amount of the area), I think I would have enjoyed it more – but my skin does feel very soft right now, so if I think of it as an alternative spa day instead of a festival, I think I can consider it a success.


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