R&R in KL

Where: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When: 24-26/07/2016

As much as I love travelling, it can be exhausting.

Especially mega trips like this one I was just on. A month of planes, trains, and automobiles really takes it out of you – at some point, you need to choose a city to stay still in and rest up.

KL ended up being that place, but I regret that it was necessary. It had a much more fun vibe than I was expecting and I wish I had had the energy to really explore it. It had such an interesting mix of cultures, tons of things to do, and our Airbnb was located right in the middle of the bar district (but food poisoning from Sumatra meant we couldn’t really take advantage of it). Having another two days would have been perfect, but our schedule was too tight to allow for it.

I know I wasn’t there long, but even the little bit of KL I did see gave me the impression that I might like to live there in the future, which is really impressive. Next time I’m in the region, I will definitely have to stop by and properly experience what Kuala Lumpur has to offer.


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