A Weekend In: New York City

Where: New York, New York

When: 05-08/01/2017

One of the best perks of my current job is the flexibility to travel where I want on the weekends. This gives me the opportunity to start a new series – A Weekend In – that documents specifically the cities I go to for a short span of time (typically, Thursday night through Sunday). First up: New York.

I had been to New York on three prior occasions, but in very different circumstances: once when I was much younger, once for a Model UN trip, and once for work. However, this time, I was older (crucially: drinking age) and free of any obligations, so I really wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and see as much of New York as possible.

Unfortunately, not only did I have to work during the day on Friday, but there was also a minor blizzard during the day on Saturday, severely limiting my ability to wander through the city like I like to. However, with the bit of time I had on Friday, and a full day of Sunday, I was still able to accomplish a lot, stopping in at museums, Central Park, Times Square, the World Trade Centre, Brooklyn, and more – as evidenced by the thousand or so photos I took while I was there. New York just has so many great photo spots!

But I wasn’t in NYC just to take photos and freeze my toes off – I was also there to visit friends and go out and experience the famous nightlife! What I found was… disappointing.

Obviously, getting to see my friends was great, as always. But I just don’t get the big deal about New York’s nightlife. The bouncers are rude, the people are rude, the drinks are waaaay overpriced, half the bars won’t let you in, and the ones that do are overcrowded. It is something I can put up with for a weekend or two, but I think if I lived in New York it would quickly become exhausting (and so, so, so expensive). Maybe there are more affordable areas I should have tried instead, but it also shouldn’t be that difficult to find them.

Did I enjoy my time in New York? Of course – but only because of the friends that I have there. What I really took away from this trip was that a lot of the things that I thought I wouldn’t like about New York turned about to be true – and reaffirmed my love for Chicago!



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